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JLPP Publishes Issue 3 of Volume 45’s Print Edition

JLPP Staff

The Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy is happy to share Issue 3 of Volume 45’s print edition, just posted today. This Issue begins with an Essay from Professor Chris Walker, proposing a Congressional Review Act for the “major questions doctrine”. Next up are two Articles on delegation of government power. The first, written by Professor Aditya Bamzai, discusses a speech given by Alexander Hamilton that may have some bearing on delegation and original meaning. The second, written by Professor Jennifer Mascott, considers private delegation and looks at the early history of the patent office. This Issue also includes an adapted amicus brief by Professors John Finnis and Robert George, expanding on the brief they filed in the recently decided Supreme Court case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

Finally, the issue features three pieces of student writing (as did Issues 1 and 2)—two Notes and a Case Comment. Outgoing JLPP Managing Editor Catherine Cole kicks off the student writing with a Note on tester standing. The new Director of JLPP: Per Curiam, Ari Spitzer, has a Note on for-cause removal protections for inspectors general in the federal government. And former JLPP Deputy-Editor-in-Chief Jason Altabet closes out Volume 45 with a case comment on TransUnion v. Ramirez,141 S. Ct. 2190 (2021).

To access the full issue, click here.


773 A Congressional Review Act for the Major Questions Doctrine Christopher J. Walker


795 Alexander Hamilton, the Nondelegation Doctrine, and the Creation of the United States Aditya Bamzai
837 Private Delegation Outside of Executive Supervision Jennifer L. Mascott

Adapted Brief

927 Equal Protection and the Unborn Child: A Dobbs Brief John Finnis & Robert P. George

Notes and Case Comments

1033 A Standoff: Havens Realty v. Coleman Tester Standing and TransUnion v. Ramirez in the Circuit Courts Catherine Cole
1057 The Constitutionality of For-Cause Removal Protections for Inspectors General Ari Spitzer
1077 TransUnion v. Ramirez: Levels of Generality and Originalist Analogies Jason Altabet

Download the complete issue here.

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