JLPP Publishes Issue 2 of Volume 45’s Print Edition – JLPP Staff

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JLPP Publishes Issue 2 of Volume 45’s Print Edition

JLPP Staff

The Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy is proud to share Issue 2 of Volume 45’s print edition, just posted today. This Issue begins with an essay from U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer of North Dakota on federalism and environmental policy. Next up is an adapted version of Theodore Olson’s remarks at the 2021 Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention in remembrance of his late wife Barbara Olson. We are also thrilled to share two articles — one by Professor Jonathan Turley on free speech and another by Judge John Bush and A.J. Jeffries on corpus linguistics.

Finally, the issue features three pieces of student writing (as did Issue 1)—two Notes and a Case Comment. Deputy JLPP: Per Curiam Editor Hunter Pearl kicks off the student writing section with a Note about boycotts and the First Amendment. JLPP Senior Editor Samantha Thorne follows with a Note that also discusses corpus linguistics. And JLPP Senior Editor Rogan Feng finishes off the issue with a case comment about NCAA v. Alston, 141 S. Ct. 2141 (2021).

To access the full issue, click here.




Notes and Case Comments

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