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Take a look at Justice Neil Gorsuch’s contribution to JLPP Volume 23: The Right to Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

Volume 42 – Issue 1

The Thirty-Seventh Annual Federalist Society National Student Symposium on Law and Public Policy 2018

1 The Proper Role of “Judicial Activism” The Honorable Clint Bolick
17 The Presumption of Constitutionality Edward Whelan
23 The Declaration of Independence and the American Theory of Government: “First Come Rights, and Then Comes Government” Randy E. Barnett
29 A Tale of Two Sweeping Clauses John Mikhail
43 The Declaration of Independence: No Special Role in Constitutional Interpretation Lee J. Strang
59 The Executive Power of Reversal John C. Yoo
69 Federalism and the Original Fourteenth Amendment Kurt T. Lash
81 Protecting the Originalist Constitution John O. McGinnis


91 Justice Scalia’s Eighth Amendment Jurisprudence: The Failure of Sake-of-Argument Originalism Craig S. Lerner
173 Expressing Conscience with Candor: Saint Thomas More and First Freedoms in the Legal Profession Michael S. McGinniss
253 Reforming American Medical Licensure Kevin Dayaratna, Ph.D.; Paul J. Larkin, Jr.; & John O’Shea, M.D.


279 Bloc Party Federalism Michael S. Greve


309 Catholic Judges Have no Obligation to Recuse Themselves in Capital Cases Ryan M. Proctor

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