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My White Whale

Posted on October 23rd, by Jonathan Levy in Musings. 1 Comment

Studying the law is demanding.  meaningful.  humbling.  rewarding.  wearying.  complex.  Learning from some of the most famous, respected, and brilliant professors and practitioners on the planet can be surreal.  For many of these folks, any and all lulls in activity can be filled with the law.  Seriously.  One professors told my class that he cracked [...]

The Religion of Procedure

Posted on October 16th, by Jonathan Levy in Updates. No Comments

Though it may seem at odds with my intense patriotism, I spent the Columbus Day weekend in Paris, but—rest assured—my mind never strays too far from our topic on the Roundtable. On the flight back, I watched a few episodes of the riveting, thrilling, and smart HBO mini-series “Rome.” The show chronicles the transition from [...]