Read JLPP On Your Mobile Device

With Issue 1 of Volume 34, the JLPP was one of the first few law journals to pioneer the ebook format. Now you can enjoy the Journal on your Kindle, iPad, Android tablet, computer, and cell phone.

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Issue 2 available here!

Why read the JLPP on your Kindle? Features include:

  • Resizable text
  • Audiobook-style text-to-speech
  • Active hyperlinks in footnotes
  • In-line notes and highlights that can be easily shared with others

New in Issue 2:

  • Westlaw-style “*page” numbers, allowing for quick correlation and citation to the print edition


To subscribe to the JLPP on your Kindle for free, please email your email address to As soon as each new issue is published, we’ll automatically send it to your Kindle for free.

If you do not have a email address (for example, if you have an iPad), unfortunately we cannot send each issue of the Journal to you automatically and for free. You can purchase the Journal through the Amazon market and access it through the Kindle app on non-Kindle devices.