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Seven Score and 10 Years Ago…

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Here at the Roundtable, we attempt to hew closely to our mission of presenting conservative and libertarian musings on the intersection of law and policy, but there are certain days of reflection that call for a slight aberration. There have been times in our history when an event is so significant that observers seek to [...]

Penn Law Prof. Waxes Nostalgic about Bygone Moral Regulation

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Christopher Dillon Liedl, Guest Writer University of Pennsylvania Law School Professor, Amy Wax, delivered a talk entitled “Education, Marriage, and Class in America” to the Harvard Federalist Society this past Tuesday, October 29. A graduate of both Columbia Law School and Harvard Medical School, Professor Wax has been a professor at Penn since 2001 teaching [...]

The Harvard Federalist Society Presents: “Private Management of Public Lands”

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On Tuesday, November 5, 2013, The Harvard Federalist Society hosted John A. Baden, Ph.D., to speak on the topic “Private Management of Public Lands.” Baden is the founder and chairman of the Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment (FREE) based in Bozeman, Montana. FREE promotes free market environmentalism as a way to protect [...]