Take a look at Justice Neil Gorsuch’s contribution to JLPP Volume 23: The Right to Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

Volume 41 – Issue 1

The Thirty-Sixth Annual Federalist Society National Student Symposium on Law and Public Policy 2017

1 A Common Law for the First Amendment Richard A. Epstein
49 The Wedding-Vendor Cases Douglas Laycock
67 Extricating the Religious Exemption Debate from the Culture Wars William P. Marshall
79 The Cognitive Dissonance of Religious Liberty Discourse: Statutory Rights Masquerading as Constitutional Mandates Marci A. Hamilton
95 A Not Quite Contemporary View of Privacy Richard A. Epstein
117 Gawking Legally Irina D. Manta
125 “Nothing to See Here”: Model Rule of Professional Conduct 8.4(g) and the First Amendment Robert N. Weiner
139 Campaign Finance and Free Speech: Finding the Radicalism in Citizens United v. FEC Bradley A. Smith
153 Campaign Finance, Free Speech, and Boycotts Ciara Torres-Spelliscy
163 Free Expression on Campus: Mitigating the Costs of Contentious Speakers Suzanne B. Goldberg


187 Reawakening the Congressional Review Act Paul J. Larkin, Jr.
253 Of Brutal Murder and Transcendental Sovereignty: The Meaning of Vested Private Rights Adam J. MacLeod
309 A Brave New World of Transgender Policy Ryan T. Anderson

Law and Politics: What is Their Relation?
The Herbert W. Vaughan Lecture 2017

355 Law and Politics: What is Their Relation? Larry Alexander
365 Comments on Larry Alexander’s Law and Politics: What is Their Relation? Matthew J. Franck
369 Comments on Larry Alexander’s Law and Politics: What is Their Relation? James R. Stoner, Jr.


373 Second-Best Originalism and Regulatory Takings John Greil
409 Retroactivity and Restraint: An Anglo-American Comparison Stephen J. Hammer

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