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Volume 37 – Issue 3

The Federalist Society National Lawyers’ Convention—2013

705 Beyond Textualism: Why Originalist Theory Must Apply Beyond General Principles of Interpretation to Constitutional Law Richard A. Epstein
721 Textualism and the Bill of Rights Nadine Strossen
729 Textualism and District of Columbia v. Heller Eugene Volokh
737 The Limits of Textualism in Interpreting the Confrontation Clause Stephanos Bibas

Thirteenth Annual Barbara K. Olson Memorial Lecture

743 Law’s Irony Hon. Neil M. Gorsuch


757 Bulk Metadata Collection: Statutory and Constitutional Considerations Laura K. Donohue
901 The Legality of the National Security Agency’s Bulk Data Surveillance Programs John Yoo
931 The New Private-Regulation Skepticism: Due Process, Non-Delegation, and Antitrust Challenges Alexander Volokh
1009 The Empty Promise of Behavioral Antitrust Alan Devlin & Michael Jacobs
1065 Strict Liability Offenses, Incarceration, and the Cruel and Unusual Punishments Clause Paul J. Larkin, Jr.
1123 What’s the Point of Originalism? Donald L. Drakeman


1151 Neither “Ministerial” nor an “Exception”: The Ministerial Exception in Light of Hosanna-Tabor
1171 Duty or Dignity? Competing Approaches to the Free Exercise Rights of For-Profit Corporations

Federalist Edition, Volume 1, Issue 1

Stealth Regulation: Addressing Agency Evasion of OIRA and the Administrative Procedure Act John D. Graham & James W. Broughel
Managing Prisons by the Numbers: Using the Good-Time Laws and Risk-Needs Assessments to Manage the Federal Prison Population Paul J. Larkin, Jr.