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Current Issue

Volume 38 – Issue 3

The Federalist Society National Lawyer’s Convention–2014

781 Working Backwards: How Employment Regulation Hurts Unemployed Millenials Gail Heriot
789 Contractual Solutions for Employment Law Problems Richard A. Epstein
803 Employment Regulation and Youth Employment: A Critical Perspective J.H. Verkerke


817 Originalism as a Theory of Legal Change Stephen E. Sachs
889 Why Non-Originalism Does Not Justify Departing From the Original Meaning of the Recess Appointments Clause Michael B. Rappaport
973 Behavioral Public Choice: The Behavioral Paradox of Government Policy W. Kip Viscusi & Ted Gayer
1009 State “Competitor’s Veto” Laws and the Right to Earn a Living: Some Paths to Federal Reform Timothy Sandefur

Volume 38 – Issue 2

National Security and the Separation of Powers

451 Advising the President: The Growing Scope of Executive Power to Protect America Alberto R. Gonzales
509 The Argument for a New and Flexible Authorization for the Use of Military Force William S. Castle
547 Exploring U.S. Treaty Practice Through a Military Lens Geoffrey S. Corn & Dru Brenner-Beck


629 The Founders’ Origination Clause and Implications for the Affordable Care Act Robert G. Natelson


711 Textualism and the Presumption of Reasonable Drafting Cory R. Liu
729 Liberty Requires Accountability: Checking Delegations to Independent Agencies David Casazza

Recent Development

761 “Your Raisins or Your Life”: The Harrowing of the Takings Clause in Horne v. U.S. Department of Agriculture, 750 F.3d 1128 (9th Cir. 2014) William K. Lane III

Federalist Edition
Volume 2 – Issue 1

Security vs. Freedom:
Contemporary Controversies

The Thirty-Third Annual Federalist Society
National Student Symposium on
Law and Public Policy – 2014
Roundtable Discussion: Privacy and Security
5 Balancing Privacy and Security Steven G. Bradbury
17 The “Not a Search” Game John F. Stinneford
23 Government Discretion in the Age of Bulk Data Collection: An Inadequate Limitation? Julian Sanchez
Debate I: Government Secrets and the Punishment of Leaks
39 On the National Security Leaks Dilemma Roger Pilon
45 Reducing Secrecy: Balancing Legitimate Government Interests with Public Accountability Nadine Strossen
Panel I: Cybersecurity and the NSA
57 Why the NSA Data Seizures are Unconstitutional Randy Barnett
Debate II: FISA Court Secrecy
77 Reforming the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court’s Interpretive Secrecy Problem Gregory S. McNeal
Panel II: Military Tribunals
105 Terrorism Trials in Article III Courts Laura K. Donohue
145 Prosecuting a Pre-9/11 Terrorist: The Legal Limits of Military Commissions Deborah Pearlstein
157 Detained Suspected Terrorists: Trial in Military Courts or Civilian Courts? Peter S. Margulies
173 Civil Liberties and the Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens Christopher Jenks
Panel III: Drones and Presidential Authority
211 The Constitution Follows the Drone: Targeted Killings, Legal Constraints, and Judicial Safeguards Martin S. Flaherty
233 Cross-Border Targeted Killings: “Lawful but Awful”? Rosa Brooks
251 Targeted Drone Killings: Legal Justifications Under the Bush and Obama Administrations Gregory Katsas
261 Drone On: The Commander in Chief Power to Target and Kill Americans Michael Stokes Paulsen