Take a look at Justice Neil Gorsuch’s contribution to JLPP Volume 23: The Right to Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

Volume 41 – Issue 2


443 A Founder’s Reflection’s Reflections: The Journal at Forty Years E. Spencer Abraham


447 Prolegomenon on Pornography Gerard V. Bradley
499 Pornography, the Rule of Law, and Constitutional Mythology David L. Tubbs & Jacqueline S. Smith
553 The Indecency and Injustice of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act Mary Graw Leary


623 Efforts to Stop Human Trafficking Beth A. Williams

Book Review

631 Scalia Being Scalia: Scalia Speaks Paul D. Clement


647 Noncompliant Insanity: Does It Fit Within Insanity? George Maliha
691 Trump’s Travel Ban: Lawful But Ill-Advised Jennifer Lee Barrow

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Volume 41 – Issue 1

The Thirty-Sixth Annual Federalist Society National Student Symposium on Law and Public Policy 2017

1 A Common Law for the First Amendment Richard A. Epstein
49 The Wedding-Vendor Cases Douglas Laycock
67 Extricating the Religious Exemption Debate from the Culture Wars William P. Marshall
79 The Cognitive Dissonance of Religious Liberty Discourse: Statutory Rights Masquerading as Constitutional Mandates Marci A. Hamilton
95 A Not Quite Contemporary View of Privacy Richard A. Epstein
117 Gawking Legally Irina D. Manta
125 “Nothing to See Here”: Model Rule of Professional Conduct 8.4(g) and the First Amendment Robert N. Weiner
139 Campaign Finance and Free Speech: Finding the Radicalism in Citizens United v. FEC Bradley A. Smith
153 Campaign Finance, Free Speech, and Boycotts Ciara Torres-Spelliscy
163 Free Expression on Campus: Mitigating the Costs of Contentious Speakers Suzanne B. Goldberg


187 Reawakening the Congressional Review Act Paul J. Larkin, Jr.
253 Of Brutal Murder and Transcendental Sovereignty: The Meaning of Vested Private Rights Adam J. MacLeod
309 A Brave New World of Transgender Policy Ryan T. Anderson

Law and Politics: What is Their Relation?
The Herbert W. Vaughan Lecture 2017

355 Law and Politics: What is Their Relation? Larry Alexander
365 Comments on Larry Alexander’s Law and Politics: What is Their Relation? Matthew J. Franck
369 Comments on Larry Alexander’s Law and Politics: What is Their Relation? James R. Stoner, Jr.


373 Second-Best Originalism and Regulatory Takings John Greil
409 Retroactivity and Restraint: An Anglo-American Comparison Stephen J. Hammer

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