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Volume 39 – Issue 3

In Memoriam: Justice Antonin Scalia

575 The Unknown Achievements of Justice Scalia Steven G. Calabresi
579 The Anti-Casual Justice Christopher Landau
581 Justice Scalia the Teacher Roy W. McLeese III


583 Linguistic Relativism and the Decline of the Rule of Law Richard A. Epstein
631 Technology and the Role of Intent in Constitutionally Protected Expression John Villasenor
675 The FCC’s Transaction Reviews and First Amendment Risks Brent Skorup & Christopher Koopman
703 Hobby Lobby, Corporate Law, and Unsustainable Liberalism: A Reply to Chief Justice Strine Harry G. Hutchison
769 Prospective Injunctive Relief and Class Settlements Erin L. Sheley & Theodore H. Frank
833 Revitalizing the Clemency Process Paul J. Larkin, Jr.


917 The John M. Olin Fellowships and the Advancement of Conservatism in Legal Academia Erin Cady
963 The Unscripted Evolution of Presidential Nominations: From Founding-Era Idealism to the Dominance of Party Primaries Zachary M. Bluestone

Volume 39 – Issue 2

Election Law: Rights, Remedies, and Recent Cases

333 Foreword Charles Fried
341 People ≠ Legislature Saikrishna Bangalore Prakash & John Yoo
371 Perpetuating “One Person, One Vote” Errors Derek T. Muller
397 Image is Everything: Politics, Umpiring, and the Judicial Myth Michael R. Dimino, Sr.
415 The Federalist Safeguards of Politics Anthony Johnstone
487 De Facto Class Actions? Plaintiff- and Defendant-Orientated Injunctions in Voting Rights, Election Law, and Other Constitutional Cases Michael T. Morley


557 The Outer Limits of Equity: A Proposal for Cautious Expansion James Fullmer

Volume 39 – Issue 1

The Federalist Society National Student Symposium–2015

1 Innovation and Inequality: The Separability Thesis Richard A. Epstein
21 Biologics in the Practice of Law Lindsay Kelly
39 Innovation and Inequality: Conservative and Libertarian Perspectives Beth Kregor
47 How Innovation Makes Us More Equal John McGinnis
59 Over-Rewarding Patenting: You Get What You Pay For Douglas Melamed
71 Current Issues in Patent Law and Policy Michael J. Meurer
79 Let’s Wait and See: A Perspective on Post-AIA Patent Reform Phyllis Turner-Brim


89 Measuring Diversity: Law Faculties in 1997 and 2013 James Lindgren
153 Why Are There So Few Conservatives and Libertarians in Legal Academia? An Empirical Exploration of Three Hypotheses James C. Phillips
209 Public Choice Theory and Occupational Licensing Paul J. Larkin, Jr.